Slogan: “You can make a difference!” or “Let’s create a better society!”
(The advertising agency could suggest the slogan.)

The Best Business Ethics Project Competition 2016, organized by Chuhai College of Higher Education, has been opened for registration! This is a great opportunity to gain insights of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility of Entrepreneurship, not to mention the wonderful prizes!

Prizes for post-secondary institutions are :-
1st PRIZE: HK$5,000 (per team)
2nd PRIZE: HK$3,000 (per team)
3rd PRIZE: HK$1,500 (per team)

Prizes for secondary schools are :-
1st PRIZE: HK$4,000 (per team)
2nd PRIZE: HK$2,000 (per team)
3rd PRIZE: HK$1,000 (per team)

In addition, certificates and book coupons will be awarded to qualified participants.

Form a team of 4 – 6 persons and get ready for the terrific journey!
Free Registration!

Deadline: Submission of PROPOSAL and ENTRY FORM on or before March 1, 2016.

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