Introduction to a Project approved by Education Bureau
“Enhancement of Learning Good Practices in Business Social Responsibility”

Chu Hai College of Higher Education always puts social responsibility as one of the core areas of education. For example, in Business-related programmes, the students are required to take law and ethics subjects as well as attending seminars from external experts. In view of the increasing concerns about business ethics in the society and the traditional emphasis of personal development on campus, the College has sincerely determined to conduct a project to further enhance the development of students’ ethical standards.

We are pleased that the Education Bureau approved a grant on our project “Enhancement of Learning Good Practices in Business Social Responsibility” under the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme. The project will be lasted for 3 years, from September 2013 to August 2016. The Education Bureau already uploaded the list of the approved projects through iPASS:


The project mainly targets on students of Faculty of Business while the other students of the College and even students from other post-secondary institutes will also be welcome to participate in the activities organized under the project. The project aims to help a student:

  1. Learn the importance of business ethics and the knowledge on ethical concepts;
  2. Understand the disastrous consequences of ethical misconducts and the benefits of good practices;
  3. Foster ethical culture and behaviours on campus;
  4. Integrate business ethics with various business skills, across different business disciplines;
  5. Enhance ethical awareness and sensitivity; and
  6. Compile and share findings of good practices and/or misconducts of business social responsibility with the community.

A strong ethical environment on campus and stimulus from out-of-campus sources is important for the development of students’ ethical standards. The proposed project focuses on the strengthening of ethical culture within campus and the utilization of on-campus and out-of-campus activities to enhance students’ ethical standards development. Seminars and forums delivered by business leaders, academia, representatives from government bodies and professional associations will be organized frequently for sharing experience and providing insights to students. Institute and company visits will be arranged to provide students updated information on the current ethical concerns, issues and practices in the real business context. Moreover, workshops, competitions and presentations on good business ethics papers will be organized to help develop students’ ethical standards. It is expected that all the student participants are able to develop their self-ethical standards through the project.

Centre for Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility has been established under Faculty of Business to manage the project. External experts from academia, the business sector as well as the public sector will be invited as external advisors to provide advice and support for the Centre.




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